Big Affiliate Commissions

Hey there i’m Mub, owner of this website 🙂 

The reason why i started this website is to basically show you folks an alternative to the 9-5 Grind but more importantly give you the ability to see that making money online really works.

I will be sharing strategies that helped me generate a 4 figure income within 12 months and No i’m not a guru that will promise you success. That’s upto you

How Bad Do You Want it?

How I Got Started

The first time I heard about affiliate marketing was back in my college days which was 9 years ago. 

I saw countless people making a big success out of it and this sparked something inside me. I thought to myself:

“If these people can make it big then surely I can too”

I tried it and failed BIG TIME! (LOL)

I fell into the shiny syndrome object and just brought course after course but never took any real persistent action. Adding to the problem was i was still in college and assignments and coursework piled on and thus my online success story fell to the wayside 🙁

It wasn’t until September 2017 that i realised the passion for making it big online was still there and so once again i dived back in.

But This Time…

I treated it like a business, you see back in my college days the courses that i brought promised me big money in a short period of time, I’m talking like $100k in 4 weeks or a Millionaire in 6 months!   

Your probably thinking i’m a jackass for being sucked in but the way they were marketed was so irresistible.

But coming back to the point, I did more thorough research and changed my mental thinking from short term to long term. Watching a lot of motivational business videos on youtube is probably a key factor which contributed to my success so far, alongside being part of an affiliate marketing community.

I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate

Since joining this online community i have built a website in the Oral health niche which has been growing consistently and in March 2019 made me $3782.09.

That’s pretty amazing but don’t be fooled, this took a lot of hard work, persistence and patience 

If you don’t have those 3 qualities then you are not ready for this Yet.

Nearly Forgot To Mention…

The way i make money is through blogging on my website. I find products in my niche and write reviews about them. If someone likes the product, they click the link in the review and are taken to the merchants site. 

Once they purchase i make a small commission. Sounds simple right?


Writing a review is simple but getting people onto your website to read it is hard. That’s why i recommend that if you are interested in doing this for yourself,

please for the love of God do not just quit your full time job and think this will replace that income straight away.

It Won’t

It took me close to 11 months before i made my first significant amount.

Just take a look at this chart showcasing my income growth since June 2018:

wealthy affiliate income chart

You can see a big jump in January 2019 and that’s because google started to notice my site a lot more and as a result more of my reviews and articles have been ranking on page 1.

In fact let me show give you an example. My website is called:


If you go to google and type in: Wheatgrass for teeth you will find my article ranking on Position 3. 

Clearly you can see that whatever Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me works. But i must stress again that this is NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. It will take time to see results. If anyone is selling you a course that promises to make you wealthy overnight, please avoid it.

Want To Live Life On Your Own Terms?

I have heard numerous times on different videos that the thing which separates rich people from the poor is they have multiple streams of income coming in.

Look at me for example, I was working Full time for a water treatment company up until November 2018.

I stopped because i was making close to $1400 per month and decided that i need to go all in on this if i want to become a Millionaire by the age of 30 (i’m 26 btw). 

But when i first started blogging, i was probably working 2 hours per day after my main job. Slowly but surely it started growing and now i’m sitting in my private office and doing what i enjoy.

Plus i’m my own boss so if i feel like going home or doing something else, i can just get up and leave without a worry in the world 🙂   

Next Steps

I’ve told you my story on how i have achieved success and although $3700/month doesn’t seem a lot to some of you, the chart shows that my income has been increasing each month since June 2018.  

That’s why i love the online world. Once you put in the hard work, the results will start to show automatically.

If your interested in learning more about what i’m doing and want the same level of success as me I highly recommend you check out my personal profile over at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s Free to get started (no credit card info needed) and I’ll be there personally to guide you along the way!

Have questions about me or my business? Leave them in the comments below…