Cash Sniper Review [2019] $9 Of Donkey Crap?

cash sniper review

As the title suggests, I am in no mood to be taken for a ride and this programme certainly pushes some of my buttons.

In This Cash Sniper Review I am going to share with you my personal experience with it and by the end, you should understand why this is something you need to stay away from.

I mean the $9.00 price tag should really give it away.

Can you please explain to me how you can pay such a small fee and in return have the potential to make $3500 commissions in 1 DAY!

Does that seem plausible to you?

If it does, then you need to get off the drugs you are taking because that’s impossible to do straight away.

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Cash Sniper Summary

Product Name: Cash Sniper

Founder: Ray Pickard (unknown)

Product Type: Ebooks

Price: $9.00

Best For: People who have no clue about Affiliate marketing 

cash sniper review

Summary: The cash sniper is a below par product that does not give you any real system to follow. It’s basically 4 outdated ebooks put together that talk about affiliate marketing in general. You can find the information for free if you look around hard enough.


Recommended: No

What Is Cash Sniper

Cash sniper claims to be an automated software tool that will help you generate $3500+ each day. That’s what’s promised in the sales video.

The video goes on to talk about various ordinary people who have become millionaires using this secret software by only working 10 minutes each day.

That’s probably the first red flag you need to be wary of. Anything that promotes easy money for very little effort by the end user is always too good to be true.

The video becomes comical at times because the testimonials from people are fake as hell (more on that later) and the fact that you see them sipping champagne on the sunny beaches somewhere in the east coast makes it more untrustworthy.

How Does Cash Sniper Work?

cash sniper review

The picture above shows you the member’s area and going by first impressions, it looks pretty basic and what’s really annoying is I am hit with another offer.

It’s apparently taught by internet millionaire John Crestani who I have never heard of but I know for a fact that if I did sign up for the workshop, he would pitch an offer at the end. Probably an up sell of some kind.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know how the internet marketing game works.

Cash Sniper Main Guide

The main guide is basically a 24-page ebook that was so underwhelming it was unbelievable. I mean the guide talks about affiliate marketing which is actually a legitimate way to make money online.

It’s how I make a living but this guide does not give you anything of use.

It just talks about the basics of what you need to do to get started. Honestly, this information can be obtained free by doing a simple google search, heck if you browse around my site, you will find all sorts of useful information that is in the cash sniper guide.

cash sniper review

Cash Sniper Secret Method

This is another ebook that you are presented with and initially I thought this is going to be the same thing as the main ebook but I was pleasantly surprised with the content.

It went into the whole process of building out your website, driving traffic using free and paid methods, content creation and email marketing.

On the surface this all seems legit but the problem is, they were telling me all this information rather than showing me step by step instructions on how to implement this into a complete money making system.

Cash Sniper X

cash sniper review

The Cash sniper X ebook is dedicated to YouTube channel creation. It’s a good little read if your new to YouTube video marketing but again the instructions on how to set up your own channel are very vague. There is no video guides or pictures to show you.

All you get is some listed instructions which are confusing to say the least. I should also add that it’s 2019 but the example video case study in the ebook is from March 2018.

What does this tell you?

This is a programme that never gets updated and that means some information is going to be outdated. A primary reason why I do not recommend you get this.

Cash Sniper Profit Booster

This ebook covers the process of actually setting up your website and adding content to it. It goes through the various seo optimisation techniques you need to insert into your articles to have the best chance of getting ranked in google.

Niche selection methods are also covered in this section which is really important. You want to make sure there is enough of an audience who are going to buy your products or services.

It then finishes off with some generic information about using google adsense to create extra revenue but they don’t show you how to apply for google ads or how to add the ads into your website.

But where Is The Special Software?

I feel short-changed because in the sales video I was promised a software that would make me tons of money on autopilot.

Oh well, I guess even the creators don’t have this special software at their disposal. Who would have thought?

I mean for $9.00 I wasn’t expecting much and that’s exactly what I got!

Who Is Cash Sniper Aimed At?

It’s for beginners but the course is really basic and in all honesty the information contained within it can be found freely on the web if you do some researching for yourself.

There are higher quality affiliate training programmes out there that do a much better job of teaching you how to make real money online using a methodical approach.

Here is a free membership site that I’m personally a part of and is the Number 1 reason I was able to quit my full time job!

It teaches you affiliate marketing like Cash Sniper does, but it’s more comprehensive and you have easy to follow video tutorials.

Why pay $9.00 for something when there is higher quality training available for free?

Is Cash Sniper A Scam?

If you go by the sales video which is over hyped and claims you can make $3500 daily with just 5 minutes of work per day then YES, I consider it a scam.

There is no way you can achieve this sort of success overnight. It takes years of hard work and cash flow to get to this level of income.

The fact that it offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee means they can get away with selling people an unrealistic dream and avoid being called a scam.

Here are some other Red Flags I noticed when watching the sales video:

1. Cash Sniper Hired Paid Actors

If you watched the promo video, you would have noticed a guy in the blue shirt talking about how he was able to afford a big house in 1 week.

Well he’s not telling the truth:

cash sniper review

How in the hell has this guy brought a house in 7 days by reading 4 outdated ebooks!

The most he’s made is $5.00 from the fiverr gig  he was paid to do.

2. No Support Structure

I noticed that in the member’s area, all you get access to is the 4 ebooks and that’s it. There is no support area to ask any questions but I did notice a small contact us button on the bottom of the page.

You could reach out to them there but it wouldn’t surprise me if they ignored you. 

This is a massive red flag in my opinion because all good training programmes have top-notch support frameworks around them with the owners being at the fore front.

With Cash sniper, the owners are nowhere to be seen.

3. Ebooks Are Outdated And Have No Real Value

My first thought when I went ahead and purchased cash sniper was the programme was going to be average. In actual fact it was way below average.

It was bordering on the mediocre.

All the information contained within them is available online for free if your willing to do a bit of research.

But the thing that made me laugh out loud was this:

cash sniper review

I did not upgrade my membership whatsoever and when I landed on the member’s area, it showed that I was platinum upgraded.

What the Hell!

This is a complete joke.

Who Is The Actual Owner?

Ray Pickard, who is said to be the owner of Cash Sniper, claims to be a self-made millionaire. But I personally have my doubts because he doesn’t prove he’s a real person.

He says that he has more than $2 million in his bank account, but this is something that anyone can say. If he’s a successful marketer, why doesn’t he show a picture of himself? Does he have a website? Is he on social media?

A piece of advice for all of you people who are looking for an online money making opportunity: when thinking about purchasing a programme, always make sure to search up on the owners because if they are legit, they will always show themselves in front of the camera.

If you can’t find any information about the creators of the product, stay well clear and move on to something else. I have done numerous reviews of other programmes such as The Profit Injector and what they all had in common was there was no real person behind them.

They were all paid actors.

The Positives

There are no positives to take from this course at all. I mean the sales video promised unrealistic earning potentials and the end product I received was something out of the bin.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is the only good thing I can think of and I made full use of it. I went ahead and asked for a refund from the merchant that I brought the course off of:

cash sniper review

Final Verdict – Is Membership Method Worth It?

Absolutely NOT!

Even if it is only $9.00, there is nothing in there that will give you any real success. The PDF books are old and won’t work in 2019.

Cash Sniper is a system created to make the owner money and the affiliates who promote it money, that’s it. I would even bet my life that the creator of cash sniper himself isn’t using this system either.

Chances are the creator of Cash Sniper actually works pretty hard to create this website, the sales material, and do the marketing to promote it.

If I were you, I would pass on this opportunity because there is no benefit in it. You will just be wasting your $9.00 when the information within the course can be obtained for free.

There is actually free training available if you are truly serious about making some extra income. It’s not going to be easy but if you can spare 1-2 hours each day, you can make it work.

See how I did it below.

Try Something That Actually Works

Mubz from bigaffiliatecommisions

I was stuck in the same vicious shiny syndrome object cycle. I would jump from one course to another and the one thing all of them had in common is they promised me big income in a short space of time.

But thankfully a couple of years ago I came across an online community platform which made me realise that there is no quick fix to anything, especially when it comes to making money.

The method they teach is simple: Build your own website the ethical way and create high quality content so people actually want to visit your site.

I followed their advice, training and 2 years later, I am working for myself making $3.7k+ per month and the best thing is my website is growing all the time.

Soon I will be hitting $5k/month. If you want to learn how I did it and want to emulate the same level of success then please check out my No.1 Recommendation:

That’s it for today, hopefully you found this post useful and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will personally get in touch with you 🙂


  1. Wow! 9$ to make $3500 a day.. Thats the most hilarious claim I have ever come across from all these dubious schemes. How on earth could that be possible. Also, getting to know they hire fake testimonials is simply bizarre and disheartening. The upsells too would be killing to know. I really do hope everybody access this review about cash sniper so that no one would fall for this cheap scam. Thanks for exposing their antics

    1. Hi RoDarrick

      Yes the income claim was comical especially from an initial investment of $9.00. Unfortunately there are hundreds of similar scams plaguing the internet. 

  2. Thanks a lot for giving us a review of Cash sniper. Success doesn’t come overnight. I joined the wealthy affiliate community a few days back. So far it seems good and the members are really helpful and supportive. I know it takes time and effort to become successful. There are so many scams in the online platform. We need to try something that actually works. 

  3. Hi Mubz,

    The Cash Sniper program is definitely a shady program, but l can’t understand why John Crestani was involved. I had attended some of his free webinars and was a quite good one. It’s as expected there will a sale pitch at the end of each webinars.

    Back to the Cash Sniper review, there were too many red flags, but did they bombard you with any upsell? Nevertheless, the $9 buck is just not worth it with those few dated affiliate marketing eBooks.

    I started my online career with Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Member. l was taught how to pick a niche, build a website and monetize it. They also provide me with 2 few websites to build my online business. Thank you to Wealthy Affiliate as now l are earning a decent income from my online business. l won’t hesitate to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone, any day!

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Zayn

      Yes there were 4 upsells after I brought the initial course. It started at $150 dollars and then went down to $60. It isn’t going to work on me any more.

      I’m glad you chose wealthy affiliate and are making some money with it. It’s all about the mindset, if you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to succeed.

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