February 2020 Income Report

So here we are, February income report has landed. The table below breaks down the numbers to help see everything clearly.  The positive news is that I made an improvement on my net income for February but that’s mainly due to the expenses being less too! Take a look below: Service/Product Revenue Expenses Net Income… Continue reading February 2020 Income Report

December 2019 Income Report

I want to start off by saying that October and November income reports are not here because I got lazy and did not calculate everything.  If I were to hazard a guess, I would say it was round about the same as Septembers Income.   October was the start of my Dropshipping business. Getting it set… Continue reading December 2019 Income Report

September 2019 Income Report

The month of September was neither here nor there. I did not do anything to my Oral health blog whatsoever. I let it sit throughout the month to see what it would do on autopilot. The answer is it brought in £1,110.62 in revenue which is decent. It’s still slightly worrying that 1 affiliate network… Continue reading September 2019 Income Report