December 2019 Income Report

December income report

I want to start off by saying that October and November income reports are not here because I got lazy and did not calculate everything. 

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say it was round about the same as Septembers Income.  

October was the start of my Dropshipping business. Getting it set up has been a pain but I am nearly up and running. Probably another two weeks before I fully launch it.

I was so consumed with that, I just forgot about the monthly reports.

But I’m back now and below you can see the month of December (2019) in all it’s glory…

Service/Product Revenue Expenses Net Income

Affiliate Revenue

Virtual kingdoms









Youtube Ad Revenue










Get Response



Jaaxy Keyword tool



Accountant services



Office Rent



Google Ads






Money penny




£1624.67 £782.94 £841.73

You can see my net income for December was £841.73 which Is nearly double Septembers. That’s a good sign and the main reason was my google ad spend was really low compared to previous months.

Shopify and money penny are services that I am using for my Eccommerce business and the expenses linked to that will start to increase over the coming months if I can get it to generate some income.

Let’s see what happens in January. If the income stays the same or decreases, I might have to get a part time job to help me stay afloat, not that I’m already not but I want to be at £1,500 net profit/month as soon as possible. 

That’s what I was making previously with my full time job.

Stay tuned for next month. I feel like it’s going to be fun 😉

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