How Do I Add Affiliate Links To My WordPress Site?

how do i add affiliate links to my wordpress website

Step by Step Process On Adding Affiliate Links To Your WordPress Site:


Obtain your affiliate link from your merchant


Find the anchor text in the target post which you want to make into a  link


Highlight the anchor text and click the little chain button located on the top edit bar.


A popup bar will come up telling you to paste your link in. This is where you need to place your unique affiliate link

This is the basic gist of what you need to do to successfully place an affiliate link into your wordpress website but you might still be confused as to what each step means.

Don’t worry because I am now going to go into detail on each point with screenshots so you can follow me, step by step.

Let’s Begin…

Number 1 – Getting Your Unique Affiliate Link

Number 2 – Locate The Target Anchor Text 

Number 3 – Highlight The Anchor Text And Click The Chain Symbol

Number 4 – Paste Your Affiliate Link In The Popup Bar

A Few Other Settings You Need To Think About

Are You Even Making Any Affiliate Sales

How Old Is Your Site

Follow A System That Can Help You

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