Income Reports

I want to be real with you and so going forward I will be doing a monthly income vs expense audit of my websites to show you how much money I am generating through affiliate marketing.

This isn’t to show off, it’s to give you an idea of what’s possible if you put in the hard work.

It’s also to show you what it’s like as a business owner to deal with different problems you won’t face as an employee.

If you have read my other posts, I mention throughout that I am made $3.7K+ per month. But as you will see today, this can change in under a month.

April 2019 HIT me Hard!

My income was slashed in half. Keep reading and you will see why. It’s also a reminder that no matter how hard you work, you will always have bad times in life and business.

(Note: Click on the individual months below to see the full breakdown of revenue and costs)

Income Reports

Month (2019)



Net Income





























January (2020)




February (2020)