Is 5 Minute Profit Sites A Scam? $37 Of Cow Sh*&%t

is 5 minute profit sites a scam


  1. I like to read the reviews of these sites because there are so many of them promoting instant riches that it suits me to get the advice of people who know about them. Reading through the article there is a constant theme of being dishonest with what they are offering and endorsements. Also you are enticed at the beginning but end up paying so much. Thank you for this information. Very helpful

  2. Great post I have been scam before myself. Call it just been an amateur and gullible newbie online whatever. After awhile you become very astute to the scams. I always go with the mantra ”if it is to good to be true it usually is” never fails me. Wealthy affiliate is a solid platform that I am a part of myself great place to learn the ropes with a brilliant support network of over 1 milliom people and 24/7 support

  3. I wonder how people still fall for obvious scams like this one. Thanks for taking out time to research and expose this for th scam it is and thanks for sharing it and warning us off.

    Sites like this usually burn newbies trying to make money online and see this type of sales pitch as the easiest way out. from my 4 month journey learning how to make money online. I can say that it takes time and cnsistent effort but from the success stories i see from mentors, coaches and others who have walked this part. i am told it pays of in the end. 

  4. Thanks for exposing these scammers. How could anyone fall for it? One tip I am taking from your post is I won’t join a program if the person is not real. Seriously, why would I trust someone if the person behind the screen is nowhere related to the program?

    I am also looking for some good click bank products. But they have tonnes of them. Can you suggest me something about finding the Click bank products that have real potential?

    1. Hi Ambuj

      I can’t recommend anything from clickbank that I have had success with. I’m sure there are programmes on there but I have been burned too many times on this platform. I just stick with wealthy affiliate now as It’s helped me make a good 4 figure income each month for the past year 🙂

  5. Hello, 

    your post is great. There should be more analysis and warning for fake sites. 

    I agree with you that one of the main ways to look if a site is fake or a hoax is to look after the persons behind the scene. 
    Do they really exist and have their expertise. 

    Before eventually signing up to your course (4 figures) can you tell me in which time period, beware you’re following all your advice, I could reach such figures?

    Thanks for help

    1. Hi Jacobs

      It took me 1 full year before I started earning 4 figures a month ($1500+) The period between September 2017 to September 2018.

  6. The red flags on this site are classic 1/ promises of an exorbitant daily income,$519.00 per day is $3500.per week,$14000.00 per month,is laughable.

     2/ An unknown owner,who do you contact if you have a problem?

    3/ The software  is supposed to be free,but costs $37.00.

    4/ All scams have multiple upsells which are supposed to multiply your income,faster profits $197.00,double your profits $187.00,traffic tsunami $97.00

    What adds insult to injury, is that you don’t own the website,and if something goes wrong with their business,your website is gone.

    I agree with the writer that this is an offer that I would stay far away from,and that it is a scam.

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