Is Partnership To Success A Scam? [2019 Review]

is partnership to success a scam

Looking to earn massive amounts of money online in a few weeks?

Well unfortunately you are going to be disappointed because there is no magic bullet that offers this and if it does it means you are being taken for a ride.

Today I will be going over another make money online course to see if it’s worth your time or just another Fad. It’s called Partnership To Success.

In the recent weeks I have exposed a dozen or so programmes that are obvious scams such as, cash sniper review. but this programme seems different and the owner seems genuine.

The only thing I would say is that it’s quite expensive and most people will not be able to afford it.

Nevertheless, read the whole article to see whether Partnership To Success Is A Scam?

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Partnership To Success Summary

Product Name: Partnership To Success

Founder: John Thornhill

Product Type: Workshops/Video Training

Price: $1 Trial, Then $197/Month

Best For: People Who Want To Create Their Own Digital Products

is partnership to success a scam

Summary: The Partnership To Success Programme is a solid 12 month course that teaches beginners and intermediate level marketers how to create a digital product and launch it for big profits. It’s a proven business model that every top level marketer utilises quite regularly.

It’s on the expensive side so you need to make sure you can commit for the next 12 months. If you can’t then Don’t buy it.


Legit: Yes

What Is Partnership To Success?

This system teaches you the art of product creation and selling. John Thornhill mentions that the real money is in creating your own digital products and then selling them at volume.

I am not going to disagree with him on that. He’s actually right. If you can create a digital product and have a good launch, you can generate some ridiculous amounts of money.

I know a friend who recently created an affiliate marketing course and in his first week of launching it he made $100k. Yes that’s right!

$100k in 7 days!

that’s crazy but it shows that it can be done if you put in the work. And that leads me onto the next point which is:

The partnership to success programme is a 12-month course. John knows the time it takes to see results and I agree with him on this. If you put in consistent work each day, you will start to see results within the 6-12 month mark.

Business is a long term commitment. If you don’t think long term you might as well stop right now.

Who Is John Thornhill?

is partnership to success as scam

John has been in the online marketing space for nearly two decades and has done various different types of marketing but it was in 2004 when he realised the power of selling digital products.

He started out selling eBooks for a few dollars by delivering them electronically. This was a huge success and he was earning $1000 per week from eBook sales alone.

Since then, he has created a ton of products and also has a few membership sites (partnership to success included) where he teaches people how to do the same. You can read more about his story on his own personal website

How Does The Partnership To Success Programme Work?

is partnership to success a scam

The course is 12 months long which means there is going to be a lot of steps involved that need to be followed in a systematic approach if you want to see results.

Here is a basic overview of the things inside the member’s area:

  • Live weekly webinars to stay on the cutting edge and get the ongoing help you need to succeed.
  • Live weekly webinars about John’s own behind the scene business (mastermind training).
  • All webinars are recorded and can be watched any time.
  • Direct access to John Thornhill on a personal level by telephone and email.
  • Guaranteed successful product creation of your own product.
  • Full promotion of your new product to John’s complete database of loyal subscribers (at least 3 broadcast emails).
  • Full introduction to John’s army of affiliates (+2,000) and personal contacts.
  • Full access to all previous and coming products released by John.
  • Free access to private forum and Facebook group.

On the surface it seems there is a lot of things John is promising you but there are two things I have a slight issue with.

The first one is he guarantees you a successful product launch which is wrong in my opinion. It doesn’t matter how much of an expert someone is, they can’t promise anyone success. That boils down to the individuals themselves.

Some people just don’t have the mental toughness to stick it out and will fail.

Unless he’s offering a money back guarantee, it’s dangerous to be promising financial success.

The second issue I have is the access to John’s complete database of subscribers. He mentions that once your product is ready to be launched, he will blast it out to all his email lists to kick start the sales.

Now if he was doing this for a few people, it wouldn’t be so bad but there are thousands of member’s in this programme. Sending emails promoting products every day is not good. In fact, it might even lead to people unsubscribing from the email lists.

People can only tolerate a certain amount of promotion before they just ignore it. You could be the one who gets ignored while another member makes all the sales. You see where I’m coming from?

Some Unrealistic Claims

The course itself might be genuine but some things mentioned in the sales video seem too good to be true. For instance the 100% commission you get for simply promoting John’s own products:

is partnership to success a scam

The first thing that comes to mind is how is John going to make money if you get all the commissions. I do know some programmes that offer a 100% commission rate but often times they have an underlying reason to do that.

Most likely they are going to be promoting other products to you once your in the system.

This commission rate although attractive is very low converting, especially in the internet marketing space. I know because I have previously tried to promote a $1500 product but unfortunately, did not make a sale.

If you think you can sell such a high ticket item through email alone you are in for a shock. Most times these sorts of offers are best promoted on webinars were you can guide a potential buyer on what they are getting.

AND it’s not just one of his products, he’s offering you 100% commissions on all of his courses/products. That’s even more bizarre to me. 

Who Is Partnership To Success Aimed At?

John seems like a genuine person and he talks about the people who should be buying the course. He says that if you can answer YES to the following questions then you are going to be the right fit for this particular programme:

  1. Are you prepared to work your butt off to reap the rewards?
  2. Are you dedicated?
  3. Do you have a burning desire to succeed?
  4. Are you an honest person willing to help others?
  5. Can you follow step by step instructions?

To be honest these questions apply to any business you get in to. If you answered No to any of these then please do not buy this course. In fact, I would say don’t get into any sort of business because you don’t have the right mindset.

Fix your thinking before you continue!

How Much Does Partnership To Success Cost?

I have read on other websites that this programme has been know to sell for $4000 which is too high for 90% of the people out their, who are trying to get started in the world of online marketing.

I think John realised that too, so now he has drastically reduced it to a ridiculous $1.00 Trial offer. He has given you the opportunity to test it out for 14 days to see if it’s something you can be successful with.

You should note that after the 14 days you will be charged $197/month for 12 months which does seem a lot but I think this is a fair price point for a decent product. I have seen this price point on other legitimate programmes and don’t really have any problems with it.

You also get a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee which should make it easier for you to try out the product without the worry of being scammed.

is partnership to success a scam

Is Partnership To Success A Scam?

NO, partnership to success is not a scam because John Thornhill is a real person who has actually used the system to create his own digital products.

He gives you an overview of what to expect in the sales video which believe it or not, 90% of scam products don’t.

Online scams can also be easily spotted by the fact that you have no clue on who the owner is nor can you find any information about them anywhere on the web.

John even has his own personal website which gives him more credibility and the fact that he does not promise you $100’000’s in a few months makes me like him more.

He said it in the sales video himself that you need to work through the system for a solid 12 months if you want to see success.

There’s no way around it, hard work is required if you want to be successful

Do you have what it takes?


There is a lot to like about this programme and here are some reasons you might want to invest in it:

Process Is Outlined Clearly

The sales page is clear on how you would make money from this system. It’s a product creation formula that is a proven model and all high level marketers deploy this on a regular basis.

Creating a digital product is not as hard as you think.

No Fake Promises

There are no fake promises of helping you make thousands of dollars within a few days. The course is pretty clear that you need to work hard for the next 12 months in order to see the results that you are looking for which is 100% true. 

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Apart from the $1.00 trial, John also gives you complete peace of mind by giving you a chance to test drive his programme and if you think you will not be able to commit to this fully, you will get your money back, No questions asked.


There were a few things that made me feel slightly concerned about the course:

100% Commission Rates

In the sales video John mentioned that as a bonus, we would be allowed to promote all his products and keep 100% of the commissions. That seems a bit suspicious for the simple fact that if we did that, how would he make any money?

On The Expensive Side

Even though you get a $1.00 trial for 14 days the monthly price of $197 will feel quite heavy, especially because this is a 12-month programme.

You are unlikely to make any money for the first 6 months. I recommend that you do this on the side alongside your full time job.

That’s the only way you will be able to keep yourself above the water initially.

Final Verdict – Is Partnership To Success Worth It?

If your looking to create your first digital product but don’t know where to start or how to do it then this programme is definitely for you. It will give you step by step instructions on finding a target audience and creating a product for their specific needs.

John does offer some bonuses which for the most part are good but one that slightly confused me was him offering us the ability to promote all his products and keep 100% of the commissions.

The only reason I can think as to why he would do this is, he has higher priced up sells he can promote to people once they buy the initial product.

It’s not illegal or unethical but he should have explained it better in his sales video.

If however you are looking for something less expensive and daunting but can still make you some good money, I recommend you look at other training programmes that do just as well, if not better. And all for a fraction of the price!

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That’s it for today, hopefully you found this post useful and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will personally get in touch with you 🙂


  1. Good program, but definitely on the expensive side; $197/month is no joke, however I do like his honesty in that little to no money will be made in the first six months, perhaps longer. Though I do like what you said about mental toughness, as it’s more than needed in the online business world, especially when it comes to creation of one’s own digital product. I like the $1 trial for fourteen days, which would entice me to give the program a go, and for those of us that see value, we’d have no problem at all dropping $197/month, especially if it’s geared toward our own betterment. 

    The guarantees may be a little far out as to how much one can possibly make, but at the same time, a 60-day money back guarantee shows me a lot, so I do like that. As for 100% commissions on referrals, I’ve seen this with other programs before and have thought the same; how do they make their money? This would be especially true if leads dry up and the program starts to survive only through referrals. 

    1. Hi Todd

      Thanks for your input. I think they have many upsells once a person buys the initial product. That’s probably how they can get away with giving 100% commissions initially.

  2. Earning massive amounts in a few weeks, I’m in! Haha. This kind of statement of quick-cash unfortunately is all too common and draws red flags. That’s why I appreciate your review here on Partnership to Success. I’m glad to hear that this program is different than a typical scam,  but I agree $197 basically to start is a little too rich for our blood. That’s because we understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to make massive amounts, which is something that Wealthy Affiliate understands as well. I suggest all who are reading this post click and see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, well done here!

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