Is Viral Cash App Legit? You Wont Believe This!

is viral cash app legit


  1. Thanks for the heads up on Viral Cash App, seems like a popular indeed for scams I have just tried a site called Viral Pay and they where one big scam too. Like you have pointed out the views these viral videos were getting was less than mine get ..LOL Like you I am not sure why sites such as Clickbank, JVZoo and the likes can’t vet these products first. But I suppose that would not be good for us reviewers hey … 🙂

    1. Hi Martin

      Clickbank an JVzoo actually have really good products and courses but they are overshadowed by the crap that’s out there. lol it is a good thing us reviewers are keeping people safe from wasting their money away. The problem is there are too many low quality products being launched everyday and not enough of us to combat them.

  2. Thanks Mubz for sharing this review, luckily I found your content before I drop in this scam cause I’m a newbie in internet marketing. I agree that it‘s marketing tricks are too unreal but it is easily to attract people without thinking deeply.

    Hope that you can keep disclosing this kind of scam or unprofitable program in your blog.

    I will avoid the program that is created by Matthew Neer in the future and I will take note.


  3. Hi Mubz.
    I have read your entire post. You nicely described why Viral Cash App is a scam. You point out the reasons that are working behind this. You mentioned how does Viral Cash App work, what are the major problems etc. Some of us really don’t know about this. So it really helpful to them and also for me.
    I will share your post to all.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Monalisha

      The biggest problem is you have to find viral videos that have a lot of traffic and upload them to viral cash apps own website. Their website has very little traffic coming to it, which means no one is going to be watching the videos and hence no clicks on your ads or specific links.

      The better way to do it is make your own youtube channel and upload videos on there and wait until you have 5000 subscribers before placing ads on them. You can make around $200 dollars per month with around 30 videos which have on average 100 – 200 views per day. 

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