July 2019 Income Report

July income report

July was a month of recovery (somewhat)

I managed to increase my main affiliate source of revenue back to normal standards but I had to invest in paid advertising to achieve this.

I was also investing heavily in content outsourcing and guest post outreach and the result has been an increase of traffic to my website.

Not a massive jump but atleast it tells me I'm doing something right 🙂

Below is the full breakdown of revenue and expenses:




Net Income

Affiliate Revenue

Virtual kingdoms









Youtube Ad Revenue














Accountant services



Office Rent



Freelance services



Google Adwords







You can see that I made a profit of £599.36 for the month of July which is a whole lot better than making a net loss in June.

So what changed?

Basically I went and started paying for ads to promote my top earning affiliate programme in the oral health niche. 

Mind you I am still a complete beginner when it comes to Google ads but I knew I had a higgh converting review page and all I needed was for it to show up on the first page of google.

It did that and soon the sales starting coming in. I was averaging 2-3 sales per day using this method. 

But I wasn't completely stupid, no way was I going to make the same mistake of focusing on one particular income source. 

I also invested in content creation. About 50% informational and 50% Amazon reviews. I have noticed that Amazon is starting to pick up, even though it's at a snails pace.

The reason for the informational content is because soon I am going to start putting ads up on my website to get another income stream going. 

Diversifying is my main focus at the moment and I can see the expenses being around the £1.5k for the next coming months. If revenue keeps increasing then so will my expense.

I mean that's how to scale a business right?

Lets see what August Brings 🙂