Membership Method Review [2019] The $1,497 Mystery…

membership method review

$1,497 for a programme that can’t guarantee to make you money, hmmm….

You have reached the right place if you are interested in buying the Membership Method programme. I will be covering everything this course has to offer and give you my honest opinion on whether it’s something you should be investing in.

Membership sites are actually a legitimate way to make money and if done right can generate a multiple 6 figure income per year.

Netflix is a massive company and they use this same system. They charge customers a recurring monthly fee to use their services and often times people stick around for ages before deciding to cancel.

They have millions of customers which means they are pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Now I’m not saying you are going to be making that sort of money by using this system, but the potential to be financially free is very real.

By the Initial looks of it and reading about Chris Luck (creator of membership method) I can say that the programme is 100% Legit. 

Membership Method Summary

Product Name: Membership Method

Founder: Chris Luck

Product Type: Video Training Classes

Price: $1497

Best For: People Who Are Already Making Some Money

membership method review

Summary: The membership method programme teaches you how to build a membership website from scratch and gives you techniques to drive traffic to your site. It’s easy to follow and the training is given through video tutorials by Chris himself. There is a support forum to interact with other members and ask questions if your stuck.

It’s solid course, however it might be too expensive for some people and there are some extra costs Chris did not mention on top of the price of the course. Things like domain name and website hosting will cost you extra.

I recommend this course for people who already have some websites making money and are looking to diversify their income stream.


Recommended: Yes

What Is The Membership Method By Chris Luck?

membership method review

This is a course that focuses solely on building membership websites to generate you passive income each month. It is the brain child of Chris Luck who is a really successful online marketer and has been active in this space since 1999.

To date he has around 13 different businesses generating passive income and has helped 1000s of ordinary people achieve the same. Check out his Facebook Page to see his day to day life.

The membership course is something he has been working on since 2007 and over the years, he has perfected the system and made the process really easy to follow, even for newbies.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, the membership method works for everything. As long as you can provide something of value to the customer, you will be able to generate a monthly income.

But let’s get one thing clear right now:

You won’t see success overnight with this programme because there are certain systems you need to put into place before you can generate sales. Another point I want to make is that the programme is 6 weeks long. Don’t expect any returns within this period.

I would even say, don’t expect to see results within 6 months either. This is a long term business and you should wait until at least 12 months before you expect to see some movement on your website.

How Does The Membership Method Work?

membership method review

The picture above is the main dashboard you are presented with once you enrol onto the course.

There are 6 different sections you need to navigate through, but the most important and one that you need to focus most of your attention on is the Masterclass section.

What’s In the Masterclass?

The masterclass is where you are taught how to build your website and promote it. It’s a 6-week-long process that needs your full attention.

Week 1: The Road Map: There are 6 videos (Fundamentals, Idea Brainstorming, Market Validation, Idea Selection, Namestorming, Domain Registration, plus final assessment) which give you an introduction to the whole process of creating membership sites.

You will be shown how to brainstorm and come up with potential niches to go into to.

He also talks about the importance of domain names and why choosing something appropriate is crucial.

He then has a mini assessment for you to take which tests if you have understood everything taught in this module and whether you have applied it correctly. It’s a great accountability tool that keeps you on track and motivates you to keep moving forward.

Week 2: Content: There are 6 videos (Strategy, Content Basecamp, Research Tools, Gold Mining, Content Creation, Outsourcing, plus final assessment)

This is the meat and bones of the whole course. Chris talks about the content strategy you need to deploy and what sort of offers and products you should market.

Another thing taught is outsourcing some of your work to other people, which although a good thing to do is not really worth it for newbies/beginners at the start. You want to do a lot of the things yourself to fully understand how everything works.

You only want to outsource once you have mastered the steps yourself. This way you can tell your freelancer what to do and how to do it.

Week 3: Development: There are 6 videos (Live Examples, Platform Walkthrough, Membership Cloning, Iconic Design, Content Deployment, Automated Pipelines, plus assessment)

This module is all about setting up your website and designing it so that it fits into what your subscribers are looking for. He also talks about some automation tools you will need to use to take some of the leg work out of managing the whole site.

There are some proven templates that Chris uses himself that you will be able to take advantage of. These have personally made him $1000’s.

Personally my favourite part of this module is Chris giving live examples of successful membership websites that are generating upwards of a Million dollars.

Week 4: Free Marketing: There are 6 videos (Methodology, Blog Baiting, Mention Monitoring, Question Suggestion, Community Infiltration, Video Spying, plus assessment)

This module is all about using free methods to drive enormous amounts of traffic to your website. I’ll be honest and say some work much better than others. You will have to test each one out to see what gives you the highest conversions.

Some methods might seem completely alien to you but don’t worry because Chris gives you an over the shoulder tutorial within the videos.

Week 5: Paid Advertising: There are 6 videos (Strategic Placement, Keyword Domination, Video Hijacking, Ethical Stalking, Direct Response, Ambassador Army, plus assessment)

This is for people who have an extra budget and want to scale up their website in the shortest time possible. Chris shows you 6 different methods you can deploy and like I said in the last module, you want to test them all to see which one brings you the best results.

If you don’t have the budget to spend on advertising, you are going to have to use the free methods until you start to get some paying customers.

Week 6: Automation: There are 5 videos (Complete Checklist, Operating Procedures, Automation Software, Marketplaces, Hiring Rockstars, plus assessment)

Once you have your website set up and it’s getting some revenue, the final step is to automate most of the day to day running of it.

This is absolutely key if you want to scale to $50K+ per month and beyond. All successful people automate their business which gives them more time to start their next project or sit back and relax.


After you have completed the main training, you are more than welcome to jump into some bonus classes which are there to give you some added boost and amplify your results.

At the minute there are only 6 bonuses but he adds new things each month.

It makes sense because online marketing is ever-changing and we need to adapt to the trends.

The 6 sessions are:

  • Topic Mining – How to get topic ideas for your site.
  • Advanced Funnelling – The secret to monthly recurring revenue.
  • 100 Members in 30 Days – It’s easier than you think!
  • Wait list Method – How to get 1 million people on your waiting list.
  • Audience Hacking – Learning an unfair advantage…
  • Content Arbitrage – How to legally use other people’s content

membership method review


This is an online forum where you can post questions and get answers from other members and Chris himself.

This is super useful because although the training is great and thorough, there might still be some lingering questions you have which can be resolved within the community.

Or maybe you have done really well and see that someone else is struggling with a particular problem, why not help them out.


These are live workshops Chris does each month and is specifically designed to answer any questions you may have and give you some pointers and new information regarding what’s working and what’s not in the world of membership sites.

Partnership Programme

This is the affiliate programme Chris created and it’s quite generous. He pays you a 50% commission when you promote the membership method programme. He wants to make sure you are happy with the programme enough to happily let other people know about it.

The amount you get is $750 per sign up. That is a big commissions by any ones standard.


If you can’t find the answer you were looking for in the forums or no one is replying to your question, there is the support feature where you can email the team for a direct response.

They are usually pretty quick but please allow at least 12 hours as the time difference in certain countries will differ.

Who Is Membership Method Course Aimed At?

Chris does say that anyone can sign up and be successful with this programme which might be true but the biggest problem I see with newbies/beginners having is getting past the $1,497 price tag.

There are many scams out there which have fooled so many people out of their hard-earned cash and maybe you have already been scammed before.

I know because I have reviewed a handful of money making opportunities such as the Profit Injector and 5 Minute Profit Sites which turned out to be utter garbage.

Naturally your going to be wary of a course especially if it’s really expensive.

Chris realises this and to make sure you feel happy and comfortable with your investment, he has a 12-Month Success Guarantee.

People who already have a successful website and are making a decent 4 figures a month might benefit from this course more because it’s another revenue source they can add to their portfolio. 

Those who wish to purchase his program should also be aware of the additional costs required. This is strictly a training program. None of the tools needed to start your business are included.

What Are The Additional Costs?

This is only a training programme, there are things that you require which will cost extra money. The necessary expenses required are:

  • Domain name – Costs around $15.00 per year
  • Website hosting – This varies but if your new, you will only need the starter packages which cost between $10 – $20 per month.

Is Membership Method A Scam?

NO, this programme is definitely a solid product when it comes to teaching you about membership websites and Chris Luck is a legit guy. Check out his Facebook page if you don’t believe me.

The sales page doesn’t come off as scammy either and it’s Chris who’s actually talking in it. Often times when you come across a scam, there is no person behind the video or any biography about them which is a massive red flag.

Sure the price is steep but there is a 12-Month Success Guarantee which should give you that peace of mind.

membership method review

The Positives

There is a lot to like about the membership method programme. Here are some of the stand out points:

Clear Video Training

Each module is explained in great detail and the best thing is Chris is the one giving the training. Often times you will see some other random people talking in videos.

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing but having the owner and an expert in a certain field makes for more in depth training.

Business Model Is Great For Recurring Income

Membership websites when done correctly can generate enormous amounts of money.

Once you have people signing up to your site, they often times stick around for a long time if you provide decent content or offers.

12 Month Money Back Guarantee From Chris

This is one of the most generous offers I have seen in the internet marketing space and I guess Chris knows that people will be apprehensive about investing such a large amount without knowing for sure whether it will work for them.

It’s very unlikely that if you give this your 100% effort, you won’t see success.

The Negatives

Expensive For Beginners

The course costs $1,497 which is quite steep for anyone really, let alone a novice. If you do have the funds to invest in it, please follow through with the training and work your butt off.

Don’t be that person who hops from one programme to another in search for a quick buck.

Stick with one thing and eventually you will see results. 

On going Maintenance Required

I was talking about the passive nature of this business model earlier on but let me tell you something, if you create a successful website, it is going to require your attention each day. Maybe it’s for only 2-4 hours but still, you can’t just let it sit there and hope it continues to grow.

You will constantly be having to change/update things to make sure your subscribers stay.

Additional Expenses

On top of the price for the training you also have to consider the website hosting and domain name.

There is also the cost of paid advertising if you want to get faster results. So really you will need another $200 – $300 on top of the initial price of $1497 to have a good chance of making this a success.

Final Verdict – Is Membership Method Worth It?

Hopefully this Membership Method Review has given you enough information to make a sound decision on whether to purchase it or not.

I would like to say that after reviewing this product, I am confident that if you put everything Chris teaches into practice, you will see results in 6-12 months time.

Remember, building a business should not be taken lightly. It’s a long term project but the satisfaction you will get is unparalleled.

The modules are laid out in a chronological order with video training for each step. There is no way you can get confused but if you get stuck on a particular subject, there is a support forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other members and Chris himself.

There is also a 12-Month money back guarantee from Chris but only if you don’t see any results after implementing everything he has stated.

Check Out The Video and get your 48 Hour Free Pass From Chris Now

Don’t Have $1,497 To Start Your Business?

Don’t worry because you don’t need to pay this much to see success online. I’m proof of that!

In September 2017 I enrolled onto an affiliate marketing programme for $49.00 per month and by June 2018 I was making over $100 per month from my website.

Fast forward to May 2019, I am on target to hit $2k in revenue and my website continues to grow.

It’s not a membership website, it’s actually easier than that. All I do is write articles each day reviewing different products online and when a visitor buys from my link, I get a nice commission. That’s all it is.

But there are small hacks that you need to know about to make sure your website gets noticed by google. I didn’t know what these were not too long ago but thankfully I found Wealthy affiliate at the right time.

It gives me a step by step process to follow and it works.


  1. Wow, the 6-week training program of Membership Method looks jampacked with lessons, although it’s quite overwhelming to me. I don’t think I can digest all that in such a short time, let alone its $1,497 price tag that’s scaring me from making the commitment.

    I think I’ll have to pass on this program of Chris Luck, despite the promising benefits that a membership site could give. Speaking of which, do you know of another course that teaches how to build membership sites, but without the hefty cost?

    1. Hi Dominic

      I agree the hefty price tag is too much for some people. It’s why I don’t recommend it for beginners. It’s more for people who have had success with previous websites and are making at least 4 figures per month. They will be more tolerant of the high price tag.

      Coming to your other question. I have not come across any other course specifically aimed at creating membership websites.

      To be honest, if your a total beginner I would recommend starting with affiliate marketing as the cost will be super low and there is less maintenance. I use this business model myself and can generate upto $4k on a good month.

      Sometimes it’s lower but i’m really pleased with the results I’m getting. I use Wealthy Affiliate’s training programme and it’s the sole reason why I am working for myself nowadays 🙂

  2. I’ve always wondered how lucrative a membership website would be, now I know!  This has given me a fairly good idea of how MUCH one has to invest in a venture like this AND maintain it.
    This is way out of my budget and would not be a viable option for me, however, maybe it might be and option much further down the road.
    I can see there is a lot of upkeep to maintain and looks like a whole lot of work that would take me away from creating my own content for my website.
    Thank you for putting this article together for us so that we can be knowledgable of what is out there.

    1. Hi there

      Sounds like you already have a website your working on. I recommend you stick with that and grow it to atleast 4 figures per month before you venture into membership sites. That way you will feel more comfortable paying the higher price.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this great information. The membership is worth considering looking at the benefit attached to it and how far you would learn from it. I wish i could be a member but the unfriendly price tag on the training is much on a novice like me that have not earn a dime online. but never the less i would put that in mind, so that in the nearest future when i can afford the fee i would check out for it.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hey Ayockson

      If you haven’t made any money online I suggest you start looking into affiliate marketing. It’s the easiest barrier to entry because all you have to invest in is a domain name and website hosting. The start up cost is really low. 

      You can also take advantage of Wealthy affiliates free Starter membership and learn how to create a website that can generate you money online within 6-12 months.

      It’s how I am able to make $2K plus regularly each month since November 2018 🙂

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