Profit Genesis 2.0 Review -Filthy Lies Upfront!

profit genesis 2.0 review

Today is another day, and another chance for me to help you on your online journey.

I have lost count on how many money making scams I have come across over the years. And it amazes me that people are not getting any wiser to them. 

I mean these sorts of scams have been running since the early 2000’s, and gullible people like you are buying them. This means the creators are keep going to come up with the same rehashed garbage over and over again until the consumers (us) wisen up.

Today I am going to be looking at and giving you information about another online money making opportunity that you should avoid:

The Profit Genesis 2.0 Review 

I am going to be pulling apart this programme to it’s bare bones to see how it sucked in so many vulnerable people.

Please read everything before you even consider investing in it.

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profit genesis review

Profit Genesis 2.0



Video training



Fake testimonials



$1.00 trial. Further payment of $38.00 in 2 weeks

The profit genesis 2.0 is a training course designed for beginners who are looking to get into the dropshipping/eCommerce business. The training consists of 23 video tutorials on finding a niche, setting up a shopify store, Facebook ads and finding products to sell.

Seems good but unfortunately it isn’t as thorough as as it should be, especially for a beginner. Some of the training is outdated and the income claims are outrageous.


  • check​Legitimate Business Model​​​​
  • checkDecent Training Material
  • check60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • exclamation-triangle​Over hyped Income Claims​​​​
  • exclamation-triangleNo Real Customer Reviews

So What Is Profit Genesis 2.0?

Holy cow!

I watched 15 minutes of the sales video to see what this programme was about and all I got instead was some fake testimonials and over hyped income claims. 

Clearly the guy (David Miller) did not want to reveal the magical system until I actually brought the course.

profit genesis review

Luckily there was a $1.00 trial so I went ahead and brought it.

Note: It’s a $1.00 trial meaning after a few weeks they will bill you an additional £30.00 ($38.00).

profit genesis review

Finally, I knew what this business model was about:

Drop shipping Via Shopify

Dropshipping is the method of selling products to your customers through 3rd party suppliers. You don’t need to hold inventory in stock. 

All you do is market the product to consumers and let the manufacturers or wholesalers deal with shipping.

It’s a very powerful and easy business model to follow and I know people who are absolutely crushing it!.

However, the way Profit genesis portrays it as a push button type of business is completely wrong and you should not be fooled.

Finding a product is one thing but then promoting it is a whole new kettle of fish. Although I don’t do dropshipping/eCommerce, I’m part of a Facebook group owned by Travis Patelle.

All the members in their are running Facebook ads at high volume. That’s how you will see $5-$10K days. 

You are going to have to spend quite a bit on testing different products before you find a winner.

How Does Profit Genesis 2 Work?

profit genesis review

Once you buy the programme you will see a page which gives you instructions on how to go about the training.

Basically there is 30 days of training all carried through video training which is great. I learn better through visuals.

It’s split up into 3 sections:

profit genesis review

Day 1-10, Day 10-20 and day 21-30.

That makes it 30 videos in total.

First 10 Days

The very first video, David talks about the mindset required to succeed online which is a good thing.

It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to make anything work. I just hoped he would of talked about this in the sales video. It would of made it seem less scammy.

He then goes on to give an overview of the whole process of Ecommerce through shopify.

Videos 2-5 are all about Niche selection. This is an important aspect of any business model, not just eCommerce.

Knowing how to choose a good niche with a big enough audience but at the same time, isn’t over saturated is a hard task. But surprisingly, David covers this subject pretty well.

He gives us tips on how to choose a niche and talks about tools that can be used to find them. These include:

  • Amazon
  • AliExpress
  • Google trend
  • Keyword planner  

Videos 5-9 are all about getting started with shopify. David shows us how to sign up to shopify and create a store name. 

He also goes through some real eCommerce websites to show the layout and design of each different niche.

David actually goes into alot of in depth detail on how to go about setting up your shopify store. From the initial design layout to the more advanced setting options. It’s all covered really well. 

Some of the videos are 20 minutes long which is a good indicator of quality content. 

Days 10 – 20

Videos 10 -12 are about the shopify apps you can install to make things more streamlined and take the hassle out of managing every single thing in your store.

For example, one of the apps he suggests is cart abandonment. It tracks someone who placed an item in the cart but did not check out and re targets the same people via email.

Videos 13 – 17 are about sourcing your products. Here you will learn how to choose a product to sell. The training shows different techniques you can use and also dwells into whether you should make a general store vs a niche store.

All good information to consider.

Days 20 – 30

Just a quick rant here…

There are only 23 videos in total, Not the 30 that were promised. They should have changed this to accurately represent the course.

I Feel Robbed!

Video 18 is a tutorial on how to add products onto your shopify store.

Videos 19-21 show us how to run a Facebook ad campaign to promote the store. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, this will be the hardest thing to master. 

Sure it seems simple enough, but there are small details that make a massive difference, but beginners will not be able to grasp this as easily.

You will have to spend a considerable amount before you find a winning product + ad combination.

Video 22 is about fulfilling orders once you get them. David shows us how to do this through AliExpress and utilising some apps.

And then we come to Video 23: the Finale. This video instantly put me off the course because firstly, it’s a sales pitch to buy an upgrade which promises you more money but without putting in the extra effort.

And secondly, he talks about other business models like affiliate marketing and google SEO as outdated.

That made me angry because I am an affiliate marketer who uses google search engine optimisation to make 4 figures a month(In 2019). I’ve spoken about it on my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Is Profit Genesis 2.0 An Outright Scam?

I am Not going to call Profit Genesis 2.0 a Scam because David does seem to know the dropshipping business model pretty well and the training he provides is good for a newbie/beginner.

However, the way they suck you in to buy the course is horrendous and unethical in my opinion. They have testimonials from people who are apparently making $5000 per week.

Some even hitting $1k per day. 

I’m not saying that’s impossible as I know some big players who are hitting those numbers. But those people have been doing this for years and have learned and implemented various different techniques to reach this level.

A beginner will simply not be hitting those numbers in a few weeks time.

Fake Testimonials

These product owners hire actors for fake testimonies. 


Because they don’t have any success stories. I wouldn’t be surprised if they receive tons of complaints from people. 

I have seen this same sales tactic done on multiple internet marketing products and it’s getting really old:

profit genesis review testimonial

Pressurised Upsells

Once I brought the initial course, I was hit with 3 Upsells which promised me even faster results.

Fortunately I have been around for a long time and know this is a marketing ploy to get extra cash into their bank account.

Don’t get me wrong, Upsells aren’t a scam tactic, but it’s how their used that makes it look like a scam.

Here is the first upsell I was hit with:

profit genesis review - Upsell

You can see how they are using scarcity tactics to make you go for the upgrade. It’s pretty convincing but don’t fall for it.

Here is the second Upsell I was hit with:

profit genesis review upsell

This is leading on from the first offer which I declined and then this popped up. They have become so desperate for my money that they are willing to half the price.

The question that comes to my mind when I see this: Is the product that rubbish that you are willing to give it away for such a meagre price?

After skipping this upgrade, I was hit with one last offer:

profit genesis review upsell

The G.O.O.D club stands for: Get Out Of Debt.

I’m not too sure what I was getting apart from the 3 books on:

  1. Growth mindset
  2. Productivity
  3. Power Of Execution

Didn’t matter too much as I skipped this offer as well. I felt there was no value in it, especially at the $97 price point

Are There Any Pros To Profit Genesis 2.0?

Proven Business Model

The dropshipping model is very much alive and kicking. There are so  many success stories out there, sometimes I think about doing it myself. 

I probably will in the future but at the minute, my hands are full with managing 2 affiliate websites.

If you have a budget and are willing to put in the hard work, then you can be successful with dropshipping too. 

Training Is Decent

This was the most surprising thing about Profit genesis 2. The training material covered by David was very good.

I especially enjoyed the Niche research and how to set up the shopify store.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Having a money back guarantee puts your mind at ease, because you know if the product isn’t upto standard, you will be getting your money back. 

This offer isn’t unique to this particular course. It’s for most clickbank products nowadays.


Exaggerated Income Claims

The sales video is over hyped and anyone with some experience would know it’s not worth the investment. Unfortunately, newbies are most vulnerable to this sort of offer.

And even though there is some good information within the training modules, It’s going to be hard for newcomers to make full sense of it and implement it correctly. 

They do say there is a support team in place but I highly doubt they are going to get back to you immediately, If at all.

Upfront Investment Required

Although Eccommerce can be highly profitable, you need to have some sort of budget to test the products you are selling.

Facebook ads is the choice for 90% of marketers because you can dial right down to your target audience. But this requires paid advertising which can lead into the $1000’s.

I always recommend beginners to avoid paid advertising when starting out online. Once you have income coming in, then you can go ahead and test out paid promotions.

Final Verdict

In this profitgenesis 2.0 review, I have given you an insider’s look on what to expect from this programme, and to be honest, there’s not a lot.

Sure the training material is legitimate but some of the things are outdated. I’m talking about Facebook Ads.

Facebook’s algorithms change quite frequently and you need to keep up to date with it to be successful. This course does not seem to have been updated since coming out in late 2017. This tells me the creators don’t care about your success.

Out of the other scams that I have reviewed, such as Affiliate Bots 2.0 or the 7 minutes daily profits scam, Profit genesis is the least scammy of them all.

I still don’t recommend it for beginners because it’s not going to make you rich overnight like the course says.


Try Something That Actually Works

I was stuck in the same vicious shiny syndrome object cycle. I would jump from one course to another and the one thing all of them had in common is they promised me big income in a short space of time.

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That’s it for today, hopefully you found this post useful and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will personally get in touch with you 🙂

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