September 2019 Income Report

September income report

The month of September was neither here nor there. I did not do anything to my Oral health blog whatsoever. I let it sit throughout the month to see what it would do on autopilot.

The answer is it brought in £1,110.62 in revenue which is decent. It’s still slightly worrying that 1 affiliate network is bringing in the majority of the revenue. If something were to happen to this, my site would be in negative red.

If you read August’s monthly income report, your thinking why the big drop off in revenue from virtual kingdoms.

The answer is: my google Adwords account got banned 🙁

It’s my fault, I should not have been trying to test other things out on the same account. Direct linking to an affiliate offer is a straight ban. 

Take a look at the full earnings and expenses breakdown in the table below:




Net Income

Affiliate Revenue

Virtual kingdoms









Youtube Ad Revenue










Get Response



Jaaxy Keyword tool



Accountant services



Office Rent



Freelance services







My net income for the month of September from this website was £489.82. I’m basically covering my living expenses at the moment. 

I should also let you know why I let the site sit for a whole month…

I was fatigued and bored with carrying out the same process everyday, i.e finding article topics to write about, hiring freelances to write the articles and then editing and publishing them on my site.

And the other thing is: with SEO websites you are going to be waiting an average of 6 months before you see articles start to rank high up in google.

I thought to myself, I need to start something else that can bring in a positive cash flow in a short space of time. 

So I jumped into CPA marketing using Facebook ads. It was going good, I learned a lot and was getting the hang of it but I was told that the risk of running ads to sweepstake offers would be that my Facebook ad accounts would get banned.

And Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened. All my ad accounts have been banned and I had 10 of them, lol.

I realised the risk is not worth the effort of going to all the trouble of creating new accounts every week. Don’t get me wrong, people are crushing it with this business model. I personally know a couple of people who are raking in 6 figures per month from this.

So what’s next?

I am looking into dropshipping as my next business venture. If I can make it work, I will have good cash flow to live more freely but more importantly, invest some money into the oral health blog.

Let’s see what happens in the month of October shall we 🙂

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