The Profit Injector [Review] $37 Scam Or Legit?

the profit injector review

So your here to learn about the Profit Injector, am I right?

Well congratulations because this is the right place to read an unbiased review of this supposedly powerful money making programme.

I have reviewed a handful of other clickbank products and have a good eye for detecting a scam from a mile away and to be honest the Profit Injector does not look like a scam on the face of it.

But you are going to have to read the full Profit Injector Review to truly see whether it’s something you can make a decent living off or just another product to make the creator wealthier. Or if you want to save time, check out a legitimate way to make money online. This method generated me $2.2K In April 2019. Go Here To See My No.1 Recommendation For Making Money Online (100% Free to Join) 

Profit Injector Summary

Product Name: Profit Injector 

Founder: Jamie Lewis

Product Type: Video Training Course

Price: $37 + Upsells

Best For: Cash strapped Beginners Wanting To Learn The Basics

the profit injector review

Summary: The profit injector programme is all about video arbitrage where you ask the owner of a video to place your unique affiliate link into their video. This means whenever someone watches the video and clicks on your link to buy, you get a piece of the commission.

However it’s a lot harder than you think to get video owners to accept your offer and often times, they will realise that they don’t need you at all when they can get their own link and keep all of the profits.


Recommended: Personally No

So What Is The Profit Injector?

the profit injector review

This product is created by Jamie Lewis and is all about video arbitrage. Basically you find YouTube videos online that have a decent amount of views and more importantly have not been monetised by the owner.

You then contact them and ask to put your own affiliate links or ads on to the video and split the profits 50/50.

It sounds pretty simple and is actually a legitimate way to earn money but the problem I have with the product is the unrealistic income claims that Jamie shows us.

Making $700 or over $1k per day using this system is not possible as a beginner. Sure maybe after 2-3 years you could reach this level but not straight away. And I will tell you why a little later.

Who is Jamie Lewis?

Jamie is the creator of profit injector and he’s actually a really successful internet marketer who got started around 15 years ago.

He has built many courses and websites in his time which has made him well over a Million Dollars to date.

Whether his products really help people make decent income is a whole other kettle of fish which I will leave for some other time.

But the thing I like about Jamie is, he’s a real person!

Too many times when I have reviewed clickbank products, there is no one behind the screen. Most of the time their paid actors.

If you want you can read Jamie’s full biography over at his website.

How Does Profit Injector Work?

If you are thinking about purchasing this product, this section is going to really help you make a decision. As I mentioned before the business model is straightforward and easy to implement.

You find affiliate products that can make you a commission and insert them into other people’s videos and hopefully when someone clicks the links and buys, you get a commission.

You probably know that affiliate marketing is a really effective and efficient way to generate passive income online (without much hassles). In this case, you can earn affiliate commissions through YouTube.

Again here are the steps you need to follow: 

  1. Find existing YouTube videos which already have a decent amount of traffic. Please make sure those videos are not monetised yet.
  2. Once you have found videos that meet the criteria above, you need to contact the video owners and set up a partnership whereby you can insert your affiliate links onto their videos and when you make a commission you will have to split the profits with the owner.

Or you could make an agreement to pay them a set fee for placing your links on their videos, basically whatever makes more sense to you.

It’s a win-win situation for both of you in theory but sometimes things can go pear shaped.

Firstly the video owner might catch on to what you are doing and could realise that they could get their own affiliate link and insert it into their videos and keep all the profits. Who wouldn’t do that?

I mean why have a middle man when you can do it yourself just as easily.

Is Profit Injector A Scam?

No I wouldn’t say this product is a scam because the business model that Jamie teaches is legitimate and there are people out there who are making decent money with video arbitrage.

The thing that concerns me is whether Jamie himself uses this programme. You see he has several other products that have been sold in the past and I would question the validity of them.

In the Viral Cash App Review I did a week ago, I mentioned that Matthew Neer was a serial product launcher who makes all his money from creating new products/courses and then hypes them up to sell them to 100’s of 1000’s of people.

Jamie might be doing a similar thing here but unlike Matthew Neer, Jamie does at least show his face in his sales video.


1. Easy To Understand

Any course that lays out each step in a nice digestible manner is going to be popular with the vast majority of people.

No one wants to be confused on how to implement a strategy. The Profit injector is especially good because they have video training for you to follow along each step of the way.

2. Legit Business Model

Youtube is the second most popular search engine after google and it’s a no brainer for any aspiring online marketer to get into the world of video.

It’s an easy programme to get started with and virtually no startup costs because your not creating your own videos.

3. Money Back Guarantee

There is a 60-day money back guarantee offered to you if for some reason you find this product to be unsuitable or below standard.

I’ll be honest and say, if you are a beginner and don’t know much about online marketing, this might not be for you.    


1. Upsells You Are Not Informed About

This should not come as a big surprise to you because nearly all products sold on clickbank are notorious for blasting upsells into your face. Unfortunately the profit injector is no different:

the profit injector review

  • Upsell 1 – Training class for $197
  • Upsell 2 – Training class for 6 months ($97)
  • Upsell 3 – Profit injector business in a box ($297)
  • 2. No Control

    This is one of the biggest things that concerns me the most. You have no control in the placement of your affiliate link and the other thing is the video owner can remove the link at any time without giving you a heads up.

    3. Hard To Find Owners

    Yes there are thousands of video creators out there but I bet you most have some sort of monetisation method already incorporated into their videos. Whether that’s ads, personal branded products or affiliate links.

    So the potential is reduced drastically. And most of these video creators are smart enough to know how online income generation works.

    Final Verdict – Is Profit Injector Legit?

    This Profit Injector Review should have hopefully given you the understanding of what video arbitrage is and how you can benefit from it.

    Although the system is legitimate and easy to understand, the problem is that it’s almost too easy!

    What I mean is when you find video owners and pitch your affiliate links to them, don’t you think they will eventually figure out that they can get the same link of their own and keep all the profits rather than split it with some random stranger they have never met?

    Another important thing to mention here is that the percentage of people clicking on the link and buying stuff, is less than 2%. This means you are going to need a ton of videos if you want a decent return.

    Overall I don’t recommend it

    Try Something That Actually Works

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    That’s it for today, hopefully you found this post useful and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will personally get in touch with you 🙂

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